What Is LWLH?

A question that may peg you if you are new to myself and my previous blog life.

You see this is not my first blog rodeo.
Before this year, I used to blog for almost 8 years (most recently less frequently) at a blog called

Little Woman, Little Home

Do you see where the LWLH comes from yet?!?

When I started that blog back in the olden days of 2008 when blogs were still relatively new, I blogged about my life and the life that myself and my former partner shared together. It documented our lives in Florida, our move back to Pennsylvania, our engagement, marriage, becoming parents and the tidbits of our young lives and love together.

I am incredibly grateful for that time in my life and that I thoroughly documented it on the blog. In this day in age where most life events are documented online and not on paper, I am happy that I'll have a place to share such a special time in our life with Amaya in the future.

With that said, I felt like at this junction in my life, it was time for a new venture and a new blog to document all our new adventures that will come. Although, I hold my old blog near and dear to my heart, I felt like that was a chapter that needed to be closed in my life. The new year and our new life is ahead of us and that calls for fresh starts all around...including my blog!

I could have have completely rebranded and went with a whole new 'name' but I still love that LWLH represents myself as a person since I am a Little Woman in a Little Home.

So with that said...
Welcome to
The LWLH Blog

Our new blog that will document the adventures of my daughter Amaya and I as we navigate our new normal and the memories that we will make along the way. I've always loved the connections and community that blogging has created and I can't wait to dive back into the creative outlet that I've missed so much.

I hope you enjoy this journey along with this us. 


You talkin' to me...

Oh but you want to...well here's my info little buddy...


Contact me with any questions or inquiries pertaining to our little blog and ourselves. 
I'm always happy to answer but it may take me a day or two to get since I do hold a full time job outside of here. 


Baller. Shot Caller. 26 on the Impala...

This is to my hopeful new ventures that I plan to introduce over the next year.
Keep your eyes peeled and your ears opened for some fun new things on the horizon.


When you look up the definition of Pinterest Fail Mom, they'll be a picture of this girl...

I may not be the most handy or dandy of DIY'ers but if the internet has taught me anything, it's that you can do anything you out your mind to...

That and...there's nothing that a can of spray paint, MogPodge, and gold accents can't fix.

Little Home

A look into our Little Home and the renovations and decorations that we'll be making our way through, throughout the year.

This blog was started as:
Little Woman, Little Home
so it only feels right.