Amaya's 3rd Birthday

I'm about to drop some basic mom blubberings on you and wail that O-M-effin'-G where has the freaking time gone.

I can also add:
The days are long but the years are short.
They'll only be little once.
She may be little, but she is fierce.

You get the picture.

But yes, on the last day of the year while everyone was preparing the end of year celebrations, we were celebrating the beginning of a new year for Miss Amaya Bear. The little itty bitty babe that I delivered 3 weeks and 6 days early on a December winter morning in 2013, is now a walking, talking, sassy toddler who if you asked, believed she was going to be the age of 21 or 8 come Saturday.

Ummm....slow your roll kiddo.
Mama is not ready for that nonsense yet.

She is now three and by next year I will pretty much be sending her off to college it feels.
I don't understand seriously where the time has gone. Spending day in and day out with her it seems as if I'm a tad bit blind to how much she is growing each day. To me, it's just Amaya being Amaya and it's hard to recognize how much she's grown until I go back and look at Instagram pictures. It's then that I can see how long her little legs are getting, how much she has lost of her baby fat, or how long her hair is starting to grow in comparison to previous months and hell even weeks.

No matter how much I want to keep her little and just snuggle and rock her until my arms fall off, I have to accept (just a tiny bit...let's not go overboard) that my baby is growing up and into a beautiful little lady, if I do say so myself.

Her day started bright and early with a living room full of balloons that she immediately dove into. When it's your birthday, you pretty much have free range of the activities, so mama was trapped in a balloon war with this tiny dictator for a good portion of the morning. Thank goodness, not shortly after her Daddy came in to relieve me from the balloon bash and picked up on some more mild dollhouse play with her.

She was pretty much on cloud nine bossing Daddy and I around all morning.

Daddy spent the morning and afternoon with her and then after nap, Amaya and I hit the road to get the party started. A stop at Aunt Tracy's house to receive birthday and send New Years wishes were made and then it was off to Titi's where Amaya truly let loose.

I swear someone had to spike her apple juice because homegirl was on some next level shit when we arrived at my sisters house. It was like as soon as she put on her New Years Eve hat, she was like Frosty, and magically came alive. She was literally bouncing off the walls, doing all kinds of strange stretches, and dancing her little birthday booty off. On a scale of one to ten, she was straight up Stranger Things Eleven!

Entertaining three kiddos all jacked up on birthday cake, birthday and New Years Eve excitement was taxing on my sanity but as long as this girl had a smile on her face I would do it a million times over.

I'd move mountains to make her as happy as she was on her birthday and I plan on making the next 365 days just as special. We're going to make this year a great year but I would kindly appreciate if time could slow down just a tad.

Happy birthday my tiny hiney stinker binker bear.
I love you more then you'll ever know.

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