Disney On Ice

I'll preface this and say that I was probably ten times more excited for this experience than Amaya was but regardless, I think my babe enjoyed it. This year for Amayas birthday, Bryan and I decided to forgo the themed birthday party and instead chose to give her an experience for the big three.

I never was able to experience this as a child so at thirty years old, I was happy to be able to share this experience with my little girl.

Perhaps it was that she didn't have a nap that afternoon but if we're keeping it a hundred percent real, for the first hour of the show, I wasn't sure that she was even enjoying herself. To know Amaya is to love her, and if you know her well enough, you know that her and crowds are a pretty touchy area. She either loves her environment or hates it and will hide like a turtle in a shell. Most times she's a turtle unless she's in her element, like at home or my sisters.

The day of Disney on Ice, she was pumped up and ready to go and with the amazing seats we had we thought she'd be pumped, but three rows back from the ice might have been a little to close for comfort for our gal.

We pulled out all the stops for her first Disney on Ice experience and I couldn't have been more happy for the seats and the view we had of the show. Once Amaya got settled from the hesitance of the crowd and was seated comfortably on either Daddy or my lap, she was in it.

We definitely have to brush up on our Disney movies for her to really understand but she knew her princesses and of course Mickey and friends from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

The Lion King 

Peter Pan
This was definitely one of my favorite performances, visual wise.

The Little Mermaid 
She loves some Ariel but Ursula, she wanted no freaking parts of that. 

And last but not least
The act we were all waiting for...
The show that perked the birthday girl right up...

All eyes were on Anna and Elsa has they glided across the ice from start to finish. I'm pretty sure at this point in the show, all Amaya's dreams had come true. The girl who not only watches Frozen but has has now moved on to completely reenacting it was completely in her element.

She was in her Elsa dress and all was right in her world.

I would give everything and pay all the money in the world to see the sparkle in her eyes, as I did then.

I'm so happy she loved it by the end and I can't wait to have many more of these experiences and adventures with her.

Hope you enjoyed your birthday celebration Amaya Bear! 

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