Sunday Mornings

Sunday mornings... are peaceful. are slow moving. are delightful.

There is just something special about a Sunday morning. A quiet day after a busy Saturday night or an eventful weekend, where I just want to slow down and savor the hours. Sadly, the hours seem to go too quickly on Sundays and it quickly turns into the Sunday grind in preparation for Monday and the upcoming work week.

But we're not here to talk about that...
We're here to enjoy the sweet sabbatical that is Sunday.

This morning I was up at the crack of dawn and decided to get my laundry and house work out of the way before the little woke up. Any mom or dad can vouch that getting anything done without a tiny human around is indefinitely ten times more easier and a million times more faster without sticky little hands and feet afoot.

For how much easier it is on me, not to have her constantly under me trying to 'help'...the one area I don't skip out on letting Amaya help with is cooking.

My mom wasn't much a cook growing up so I never really learned how to cook or prepare meals until I was well into my 20's. That's not to say I'm some Betty Crocker or Martha Stewart in the kitchen, but I know how to make a handful of good meals.

And when all else fails, there's always box batters and mixes.

I'll never bullshit you and pretend that I'm over here making organic this and that and building every culinary creation by hand. The reality is, is that I work 10 hour days, 4 days a week and most times, all I can muster is a box meal with a side of frozen veggies.

Sunday mornings though, I try and go out of our weekday comfort zone and instead of frozen waffles or cereal, we'll whip up some pancakes, eggs, and fresh fruit.

We're not fancy folk, but a nice pancake breakfast on a Sunday morning perks us right up.

We hope to keep up our Sunday morning breakfast making together for as long as she's interested. Right now she is at a the age where she enjoys helping and I'm going to savor that for as long as I can.

Plus, if we have some yummy treats and meals to share together afterwards, double win.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday.

Sidenote: let's all hope for a big Steelers win tonight...unless you're a Chiefs fan.

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