Lazy Mama Puppy Chow

Lazy mamas, raise your hands.

They're are points in parenthood where it's acceptable and not acceptable to pull a lazy mom pass.

General hygiene and basic caretaking, no.
Festive holiday food, sure.

Sometimes you want to be that Pinterest/Instagram mom that you admire from afar for putting together her perfectly themed play dates and who you secretly might hate (just a little) for pulling it off so freaking seamlessly.

I get it.

I'll openly admit I feel a little jealous of the festive assortment of crafts and perfectly shaped heart pancakes that are posted in abundance this time of year by all the awesome mamas out there.

But you know what?

My kid doesn't know I'm not on par with the other mamas out there and is as equally excited to make broke down puppy chow as she is with the elegant melted chocolate variety.

How is it that you make the already easy snack of Puppy Chow, even more simpler?

Let this mama show you...

Lazy Mama Puppy Chow

2 cups of white cheddar popcorn
3 cups of Rice Chex cereal
1 large handful of mini marshmallows
10-15 Hershey kisses
2 large handfuls of leftover red M&Ms from Christmas
1 freezer bag with 2 cups of confectionery sugar

Here's where it gets difficult guys, so pay attention...

- Combine all ingredients into freezer bag
- Let your tot shake that shit up
- Pour into Instagram worthy white bowl (cause duh, all things white and bright)
- Drizzle with some pink Betty Crocker cookie icing
- Garnish with festive holiday sprinkles

And boom...take a picture of that bad beezy from every angle because you are a freaking rockstar to your three year old now.

Join us next time where I'll teach you how to boil an egg or possibly make cereal. Being a full time mama and worker, I try to help where I can. No need to thank me. 

* I hope you know this is all in good fun. I'm not a great cooker, baker, or candlestick maker so these are all tongue and cheek. Xoxo.

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