Valentine's Day

It would be easy for me to be a bitter Betty this past Valentine's Day considering the circumstances. I've been trying my best to get through many of the 'firsts' and this one was probably one of the ones I truly wasn't looking forward to.

 A day all about love...and affection...and flowers...and sweetness...and mushy gushy throw all the love in your face type of nonsense that last year I soaked myself up in. It's not to say that I don't enjoy those things and look forward to all the cutesy crap that the stores and Facebook dish out, but this year I was a tad bit hestitant,


This year I was not about wallow in my own self pity. I've gotten through these last few months with as much grace as I could muster and the good days have been much greater than the bad, so I laced up my big girl booties and decided that Amaya and I were going to celebrate to the fullest.

We were going to make all the heart shaped foods our bellies could handle, make Valentine's crafts out the wazoo, and we were going to have a special Mama and Amaya date on Valentine's, because she is truly the one person who will forever have my heart.

Amaya enjoyed her little treasures from the messy array of Walmart cheap treats and plastic toys, as well as the brownie batter that she couldn't keep her tiny fingers out of.

I was almost positive she would jump at the chance to go eat inside at McDonald's since that is a special treat for her, but homegirl gave me the business and explicitly told me 'no McOnalds...I go to wess-ta-want, I color!'

Well okay then...

So Cracker Barrel it was. We're not fancy ladies but what my baby wants, my baby gets and we had a simple yummy meal and some good conversation and coloring. She told me all about her school, what kid said what, and strict instructions on where and what to color.

It was one of my best Valentine's to date.
All thanks to my littlest love and Valentine.

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