Winter Storm Stella

Just in case you don't live in the Northeast or haven't been on the Internet in 48 hours, I just wanted to catch you up and let you know...


The kind of snow that gets forecasted days in advance and sends everyone into a tizzy while they ransack all the bread and milk that their local grocer offers. I was one of those people. I was carting down the aisles on Friday evening after work blissfully putting in my cart all the essentials that a storm like this would necessitate, like chocolate bars and marshmallows...okay...the fixings for s'mores really...but I digress, that I was stocking up like it was the apocalypse.  The storm has come and gone and besides giving Amaya her Lactaid milk for naps and bedtime, I haven't touched that effing bread or milk.

A storm like this seems magical in theory...
A day off from work.
Cuddled on the couch under covers.
Crisp white snow softly falling from the sky.

It's a fucking Instagram mom's dream...

Evidence #1: Adorable child holding snow in all her puffy jacket goodness

But let me tell you, it was not all snowflakes and snow angels over here. 
What I thought was going to be an adorable Hallmark movie-esque snow day with my little quickly turned into a threenager tornado of terror and tantrums. 

- New bubble machine I bought that I planned to entertain her with....well I didn't have a small enough screwdriver to open the battery pack: FAIL
- Tantrum #1, as documented by IG stories, was because I wouldn't let her eat a literal frozen waffle. 
-Tantrum #2, quickly followed up from previous tantrum, was because I wouldn't let her have a.) cookies b.) lollipops and c.) marshmallows for breakfast.

I am a monster of a mother, I tell you. 
But yes, our nice chill day was short lived by the tiny terrorist that resides here as well as the realization that '@*#*$$**#$#£$*, I have to shovel all that damn snow.' You are not pretty or beautiful or enchanting to me anymore are now enemy number one. 

It was a blizzard size smack in the face realizing that this year I was the sole one responsible for snow shoveling and removal. I took for granted all those years that B would be out there for hours busting his balls while I comfortably and conveniently sat inside 'cleaning and cooking'. But this year, I had to seriously put my big girl boots on and handle my business, and let me tell you, being a single homeowner sucks it, big time. 

But I did and I felt pretty bad ass (and a little sore afterwards) for getting it done all by my lonesome. Okay, well that's not technically awesome neighbors did snow blow my front sidewalk and my neighbors in back helped clear our elderly neighbors garage and driveways. Either way, it felt good and empowering knowing that I could handle stuff like this by myself. 

After a much needed nap for the both of us, we both woke up rejuvenated and decided to tackle the mass of snow that resided on our back patio and yard so Mommy could make her way to the garage and so Mia had somewhere to do her business. After our last snow storm I debated even getting Amaya dressed since the last time was a train wreck but we geared up and persevered. 

And guess what...
Home girl actually had fun this time.

It was to my pleasant surprise that she actually enjoyed and played in the snow this time around. She caught snowflakes on her tongue, attempted to make an unsuccessful snowman, slid down the mass of snow we have and even 'helped' Mommy shovel part of the yard. 

She was in all her glory, runny red nose and all and I couldn't have been happier. Sure, our day started off as a bust but it sure didn't end that way. It did end with those coveted couch cuddles while we fed each other mac and cheese from the pot, as well as a early bedtime for her and some Motrin and wine for Mommy.

I'm going to put that in the win column and the cherry on top is that my worked called us off for tomorrow too, so we get a snow day redo. 

What did you do for your snow day if you live in the Northeast?
And if you're in one of those 75° areas, just realize I may despise you a little right now. 😉

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