The Most Basic Fall Bucket List

Tis' the season.
The basic beezy season, that is.

Oh yes, what was once a derogatory term, many have embraced in all their pumpkin spiced goodness and have created the bucket list of basic-ness to ensure the most quintessential and adorable photographs for their beautifully curated Instagrams.

And who are we to not participate in all the fall festivities and add to mix of mugs, pumpkin flavored errrything and sweater weather for the next 6 months. Because in reality, we live in the Northeast and once the cold weather starts it doesn't stop until atleast April, perhaps May of the next year.

So with no further ado, here's the list to Instagram your face off right along with all your other basic mamas and friends.

The Most Basic Fall Bucket List

Apple Picking
This is the holy grail of early fall/September activities to do with your little fam bam and will be the kickoff to your autumn activity calendar. Not only will you have infinite pictures of your little monsters frolicking through rows of apples and greenery which will then be edited perfectly with the freshest filter but it also opens itself up to even more fall festivities to embark on.

I had high intentions last year with the kiddos and you know what kid flipped her freaking shit the entire day and I almost left her in a field to fend for herself and find a new family to terrorize. I kid. But seriously, I had high hopes of a magical day but ended up drowning my sorrows in spiked apple cider and eating my weight and feelings in apple cider donuts.

Baking Apple Pies + All The Things
I truly love to bake and even if most of my creations come from a Betty Crocker box, I love having the smell of fresh baked goods wafting through my kitchen. Truth be told, I don't even really like I want to try my hand at making a homemade applesauce and crafting a perfectly weaved and home made pie with my fresh picked apples? Umm....hell yes.

Hand me my prairie mama card now because I will make one this fall or die trying. Mark my words.

Also I've been pinning/training for this season and so be on the lookout for pretzels dipped in all the candy melts, googly eyed candies, and any food that is orange and can be shaped into a pumpkin or ghost.

Hayrides + Corn Mazes
Do I really like hayrides and the itchiness ND infinite amount of straw you'll find throughout your home through spring from it? Nope, but my laziness and responsibility to said toddler who drags her feet means I'm not going to haul her through miles of fields.

On a completly contradicting note, I am a glutton for punishment and will get lost with her in a sea of corn in the name of fall fun.

Leaves: To Craft and Play In
Jumping in pile of leaves is a good idea until you forgot to pick up all the dog poo. Ha. That would stink...but that's what always goes through my mind before jumping into a big pile of adorable dirty leaves. YOLO though, right?

The one I can get on board with is the nature scavenger hunt and crafting with said dirty leaves. There's something to be said about getting down and dirty and being one with nature. With the kiddos being surrounded with electronics constantly, it's nice to show them that there's life out there that survives off of actual fresh air.

Trick or Treat + Halloween
According to Amaya, as of today, she will be Cinderella, I will be Belle, and Titi will be Ariel. She wants a princess posse and if that's what she wants then that's what she'll get. I've been waiting since I was 8 years old to dress as Belle so Amaya is making all my mama dreams come true.

In the meantime, we've been accessorizing with the black, white, orange, and yellow with all that our hearts can handle. Any c'mon...what little girl doesn't want a sparkly kitty purse. Hell I do.

Eat S'mores
Please beezies, I've never stopped eating those bad boys.
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter....s'mores are acceptable all year round.

Pumpkin Patch
You're either one of two people.
You either:
- go pick your pumpkin up from the grocery store
- you go on a pumpkin patch extravaganza to find the great pumpkin.

I'd like to think I'm a sweet mix between both. While I love going all out at the pumpkin patch, carting around a half dozen pumpkins plus a toddler is not ideal. We work with what we got but if all else fails, we head to the supermarket.

I have more but I'll save that for another day.
Right now we're off to partake in all the basic-ness.