Bloomsburg Fair

We try to hit up the fair every year and although Amaya is quite reserved on the usual basis, she was in all her glory at the fair this year. She walked around hand in hand with me, admiring the games and humongous stuffed animals, wanting to eat all the things (that's my girl!), and most of all wanting to play in the corn.

That is all she wanted to do since she walked in the gates to the fair and saw it set up in front of the livestock buildings. Even with all the bells and whistles that the fair brings, she was most content and excited for the most simplest activity there.

If only everyone could still see the world through the eyes of a child and enjoy the simplest pleasures of life.

I wasn't going to spend half of my life savings on fraudulent fair games, but we did play two games, one where we literally picked up a duck that said winner for her purple sword and a balloon game where anyone under the age of nine won a prize. That one was her favorite since she won a Shopkins apple plush.

This is the face of a girl who has her prizes and wants to hit up the corn bin ASAP. 

We look forward to this every year and I'm so happy that she's coming to an age where she is throughly enjoying activities that we go on.

All hail, Amaya the corn queen.

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