October | A Look Back

Happy First Day of October everyone!

We may have missed the first day of fall post but it's now October and I feel like we're in the midst of all things fall around us. The weather is finally dying down from the last week of our humidity filled summer and we're enjoying the current sweater weather and crisper temps that have been gracing us.

Some may be sad to see to see summer go but I warmly welcome all things autumn and can't wait to embark the flurry of fall activities ahead of us.

So until our plans come into fall fruition, here is how we enjoyed it last year.

How did my petite pumpkin get so big in the last 365 days?
Sometimes you don't really see how they've grown but looking back at the pictures from her last fall, well they are giving me all the feels.

I feel like she still had many more hints of baby left but this year she is turning into full fledged little girl. Be still my heart. I think this year will be lots more fun to experience with her and her new found independence.

What are your favorite October activities to do?
I feel like there will be lots of baking, pumpkin patches, and corun stalks in our future.

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