Thanksgiving | 2017

Okay, so I'm just going to lay this out there...
I don't really care for Thanksgiving.
It's more like pre-Christmas for me.
Or perhaps a baby shower for baby Jesus.


But before anyone gets their pilgrim garb in a wad, let me explain, that I am indeed thankful for the many blessings I receive in my life but the whole filling up on allllllll the food thing is just not my jam.

I'm more of a carbs and desserts kind of gal so the meat and potato fiesta doesn't really excite me. In my glory 'wifey' days I was known to shove some apples and rosemary up the hind of an aptly named turkey, but now that it's just Amaya and I, I didn't have it in me this past year to put together a display of sides and 8 lbs. of turkey that most likely wouldn't be eaten.

Luckily for us, we're invited to my sisters in laws to enjoy the meal and company with them.

There are not too many times I get to brag (or jinx) myself as a parent, so I would like to toot my mama horn and admit that Amaya is a pretty good eater at this point in her life. I know that can all change in the blink of an eye but as of right now, homegirl will most likely eat (and/or) try any of the meals we put in front of her.

Including pretend turkey leg photo props...

Due to our custody agreement, I only had her from 9am-3pm, but we made the best of it playing outside, taking pictures, and building play castles in the rec room. 

And because I have no qualms with getting on her level, I withheld from  the adult tables and enjoyed our Thanksgiving together with my thick thighs stuffed under a children's play table so we could toast our cranberry sauce out of the can together. 

There may be many situations and instances in my life that I don't fully accept or wish upon myself or others, but I'm thankful for the struggles that have led me on my path in life.

If I didn't go through the things I've been through, I wouldn't be standing here today being able to enjoy this tiny human who has brought the most greatest joy to my life.

I'm incredibly thankful that I get to do life with her and even more so that I get to be her mother and raise and teach her every single day. I'll forever be grateful that she was brought into my life.

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