The Girl In The Yellow Dress

If you're a mom, nine times out of ten, your child is definitely much better dressed than yourself.

While I'm dredging around in yogurt stained yoga pants and 5 day old mom bun, Amaya is most likely twirling around in the cutest little fashions from the Cat + Jack line or Old Navy or consignment shop cuteness.

The girl can pretty much rock any look but lately she has favored dresses over anything else so we were super excited when we found this sweet little swing dress at Old Navy a couple months ago.

Dress - check
Marvelous mustard color - double check
And most importantly...
Ample swirl and twirl potential - triple check

No big deal, just making important phone calls on her sunflower phone. 

This dress could have not been any better when we visited the sunflower fields at the end of summer/beginning of fall. We bounced and ran around with her cousins trying to find the perfect sunflower for herself. 

That same day we also went on an ice cream date at Heislers and my little homegirl was ruthless. She completely abandoned her chocolate ice cream in favor of stealing mommy's vanilla milkshake.

We seriously were adventurers this day as we also hit up the craft fair and got ourselves a couple goodies. Much to my Belle loving heart, Amaya chose this Beauty and the Beast book as one of her choices, along with a nap time Shopkins pillow.

As much as I would love for Old Navy to send me this in all the colors for free, this is not a sponsored post. Amaya and I just love this dress that much and I wanted to clear out some of my pictures but still keep the cuteness in a safe place, hence why mama has a blog.

No worries though, I have already prepared for the next holiday season and picked this bad boy up in red so we can still enjoy it throughout the Christmas season.

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