To The Christmas Tree Farm, We Go

Christmas has always held a close spot in my heart, as it probably does for many.
During my childhood, some points of it were quite rough for my sister and I but no matter what was going on, Christmas time was always a point of celebration.

We'd go pick out a tree from a local seller and then it was on to who could put the balls and tinsel on the quickest. Oh yes, tacky silver tinsel and all.

So knowing how much I value holidays and traditions, I've made it a point that even through this family transition phase, that I would continue to create memories and traditions with my daughter that I hope she will look back on fondly when she's older and know how much I tried to make it magical for her.

With that said, we have held the tradition that we go to the Christmas tree farm and pick and cut down our own tree. We went to a more local one the past couple years, but last and this year we tried a new one recommended by a coworker and WOW, COLOR ME IMPRESSED!

It is called Ponduce Farms, and it is seriously the cutest place ever.
Imagine all your little Christmas dreams all wrapped up into the cutest farm experience.

First, they pick you up in a tractor wagon to take you to your separate tree picking areas of the farm. We tend to be a Douglas Fir family, so we got off on the first stop. You can choose to physically cut down your tree yourself but if you need help, they have helpers that drive around in pick up trucks waiting to chainsaw it down for you and put it on their truck/wagon to take it off the hill for you.

After that, you take the wagon ride back down to the shop and as you wait for them to tie up and return your tree, you can enjoy the restaurant with lots of homemade goodies, the gift shop where they play Christmas movies or just stop in to enjoy their complimentary cookies and cocoa.

Seriously, I was so impressed and in love with the whole thing, and the reasonable price for our tree was an added bonus.

In full disclosure, it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows though.
Any mother of toddlers knows how the 'sour patch kid syndrome' can quickly affect your child.

She was perfectly fine for 10 minutes but then a flip switched in her and she turned into a whiny, crying, pitiful mess. She pouted her way through half of the farm but luckily within a short walk and a quick pep talk she was able to regain her composure. A few silly faced pictures might have helped to.

How was everyone's holiday weekend?
Did you do anything festive with your respective fam bams?

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