Koziar's Christmas Village

There are a few holiday traditions that my sister and I hold dear from our childhood through out the eighties and nineties, and one of those is visiting Koziar's Christmas Village.

In Northeast Pennsylvania, it's a family tradition for many people and the insane miles upon miles long lines to get in, prove that fact. Ever since I can remember going there, it has always been like that....which led my sister and I to leave earlier every year before sunset to avoid hitting the massive traffic clog it becomes.

And the thing is...
It's not some crazy interactive theme park of Christmas, but just a plot of land out in the middle of nowhere between subdivisions and farm pastures that is lit up from head to toe in Christmas lights and decorations,

There are a few Christmas scenes set up in little shed-esque houses and many yards of homemade Christmas Story signs, but to my memory, most of it has not changed since I was a little girl.

Although my sister and I have seen the same exact thing year after year, it's a beautiful and new thing to see it through the eyes of our children.

My oldest nephew has seen it for many years now himself, so the novelty is some what wearing off, but now that I've introduced him to photography he's learning to see everything through a different lens (pun intended) and was still into it this year.

The littlest littles on the otherhand are utterly fascinated. For the last couple years, we've taken them out of our own Mommy wishes, but this year it was so much fun to see the joy in their eyes as they took in all the lights and recognized the characters and stories.

Seeing the sparkle in Amaya's eyes as she squealed at all the lights and seeing Cinderella, princesses and Peanuts characters on the story boards, was well worth the wait and lines.

I hope to continue this tradition with her and hope that she looks back on these memories and trips with fondness like my sister and I have. If not, mama is still going just for the cinnamon goodness of the churros and hot chocolate. 

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