There are many milestones you remember from the lives of our little ones.

Most likely, from the moment they start invading our uterus, there are a host of special and memorable first time moments we don't want to miss.

Their first steps.
First words.
First food.
You get the point.

But the things we don't look forward to but still hold a natural memory of is sometimes the 'bad things'....the not so cheery but yep, this is a part of childhood type of things. One of those things for us was this past summer when Amaya unluckily got here very first set of stitches.

After all was said and done, she was nothing short of proud to show off her battle wounds.

Mama on the other hand was a ball of nerves and stress when I got the dreaded phone call from her dad explaining there was an accident but that she was okay. Hearing that your sweet little angels beautiful face was busted open and now needed to be stitched together was not the phone call I was expecting to hear on a Saturday morning.

Apparently, while they were out shopping, Amaya was a little rambunctious and was running through the checkout line queues when she tripped over on of the metal signs and smashed her little chin and face on the next metal one. Ouch.

That's the last thing you want to see is your baby hurt but especially if it's something that lead to a lasting scar. Luckily it was a small cut and only required two stitches but it made me sad regardless. Thankfully I wasn't there to witness it, otherwise I may have freaked out more but all is well now and thank goodness it was nothing more serious.

Amaya, on the other hand, does not pass up a moment to practice her dramatics...

I wonder where she gets that from?
Her dad, definitely her Dad.
There is no way those antics come from me. 😉

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