Lazy Mama Easter Pretzels

Have you ever made a promise to your kid?
For example, an early in the day promise where you explain that if they do x-y-z than you'll reward them by making or getting a special treat later on that day?

A special treat and promise that they apparently have been thinking about all day and in excited anticipation have reminded you every 1.3 seconds on the ride home. A treat that you have even gassed up in your mind, that you decided to forgo making dinner in favor of leftovers so that way you had ample time to make said treat.

You are both pumped up and after you finish washing the dishes you excitedly get all the utensils and ingredients together, only to realize YOU DON'T HAVE THE DAMN MAIN INGREDIENT!!!

That was me today.
The mama who gassed her daughter up all morning to make Rice Krispie Treats after school, only to not have any freaking Rice Krispies.
Hello disappointed, party of two.

In a complete tizzy and frazzled mommy state of mind I searched high and low in my cabinets to assemble some sort of easy treat for us to make and to make up for my lack of conscious grocery shopping.

Luckily for me, I had a couple sweets and treats buried in my baking cabinet to assemble these super simple bad boys...

Lazy Mama Easter Pretzels

24-48 mini unsalted pretzels
Half a bag of pink Candy Melts
5-10 regular sized marshmallows
3 tablespoons of Easter themed sprinkles

Almost too many ingredients for my little mind to handle...haha.

Now if you've read any of my other 'recipes' you'll know this is where the hard part comes in and where you will need Jedi mind power to focus and not mess these pretzel puppies up. 

Or ya know, look at the pictures. 

- Assemble desired amount of pretzels on a wax paper covered cookie sheet
- Melt half of a bag of pink Candy Melts in microwave, according to instructions on bag
- Dip one half of pretzels into melted candy mixture
- Place back on cookie sheet to let melt harden.....but.....
- While melt is still warm, decorate/sprinkle with sprinkles before melt hardens.

Repeat steps also with marshmallows is you want an extra sweet snack. 

This was a tiny lifesaver tonight from a before bedtime sap session of 'but Mommy, you promised.'

I was glad I was able to pull this out at the last minute and she thought she was so cool dipping and decorating by herself. There may have been some excessive sprinkling from time to time but I'm going to call it a win. 

They're the perfect mix of salty and sweet and hit the spot for an after dinner special snack. 

Tomorrow I'll be stopping at the store.
Obviously, for Rice Krispies.

Cottontail + Carrots

Every Easter that rolls around, I promise I'm going to do better.
I'm going to make a better basket.
I'm going to do more Easter activities.
I'm going to buy more Easter outfits.

I'm going to shine and show off that I can Easter with the best of them.
But this year, I'm scaling it back.
Keeping it simple.

That's what everyone says right?
Let Jesus again be the reason for the season
And every other year I would have claimed that but still over excessively bought cheap dollar stop trinkets to fill her basket with without any real thought behind it.

This year I decided to take it back a notch and fill her basket with some goodies that I know she would get good use out of.

With all the good vibes and hopeful thoughts for Spring to be seriously under way, I decided to grab her a pair of rain boots since homegirls feet are growing like crazy. I swear this child is going to legit outgrow me by the time she heads off to kindergarten. If a girl has a good pair of rainboots, than of course she has to have an equally awesome raincoat to go with it. How can you pass up this bunny themed bunch of cuteness? I know I couldn't.

I also couldn't pass up those circle sunnies either.
I will easily admit that my child is a 1000x cooler than I'll ever be.

The one thing I was most excited for though, was this little beauty...

Ever since the Christmas before past, Amaya has been obsessed with the idea of Baby Jesus from when we go to church on Christmas Eve. She has held onto that little nugget of thought and over the last year I've tried to find a good fit place of worship for the both of us.

I think after a long and trying year I've found that place for us but I'll share that in another post. I'm excited though to give and be able to enjoy Amaya's First Bible and Prayer book with her. We read a book every night before bed and I'm looking forward to adding these into our nightly routine.

I couldn't think of a better trinket to add to her basket, especially at Easter.

Besides the obvious of learning the testaments and prayers, this book is just beautifully illustrated.

Gorgeous amirite?
I may be a little bit more excited for this book than she will be. 
But pretty pictures will definitely help this mama understand the word more, because I'm not too well versed in it myself. 

I also grabbed a couple other snacks and goodies to fill it with because every babe needs a chocolate bunny and some treats in their basket. This year though, I just didn't make it the main event. 

I'm also pretty happy that I have the majority of my Easter baskets done before the holiday weekend. I also scaled my nieces and nephews back too so it made the whole basket making endeavor that much more seamless. 

What kind of goodies do you fill your kiddos baskets with?
Do you keep it simple or is Easter second Christmas for your cottontailed cuties? 

Lucky Charm Marshmallow Pops

I haven't been too big on the recipe section of this blog because to be honest, cooking and concocting delish meals is not really my jam. I would love it to be the case but cooking is not something that has ever come naturally to me.

Touching meat and sautéing veggies just doesn't interest me, but do you know what does....sugary sweet snacks and treats.

And simple ones at that.

So with St. Patrick's Day around the corner, I wanted to make up a fun little treat for Amaya and I to enjoy. If there is one thing that I am proud of as a mother, it is that I instilled a strong love of holidays in her. This girl loves a good holiday celebration with all the food, decorations, and holiday apparel she can get her little hands on.

So with that and her love of of marshmallows in mind, this was once of the simplest and sweetest treats to concoct that satisfied our sweet tooth.

Lucky Charms Marshmallow Pops 

2 cups of Lucky Charms cereal
Handful of green colored Candy Mets
12 regular sized marshmallows
Skewer sticks or lollipop sticks

Now this is where the hard part comes in guys, so focus and follow along:

- Melt candy melts in microwave safe bowl as instructed on bag
- Apply marshmallows to lollipop sticks or skewer
- Dip top of marshmallow into candy melt mixture
- Before the melt hardens, dip into cereal
- Let the melt harden

And BOOM you're done!

You may be skeptical about this sweet treat but trust me, I tried it and it is the perfect mix of sweet, chocolate, and crunch for your little treat bags. Plus it's super easy to make and your kids will get a kick out of dipping and trying to scoop up the most marshmallows.

Plus, Lucky Charms and wee little leprechauns make everything better.
Happy Early St. Patty's Day. 💚