Knoebels, Here We Come!

Every year starting from mid-April until October, there is atleast a handful or not more times that we hit up our relatively close amusement park.....

Knoebels Amusement Resort

And this year is no different.

Do you remember when you were a kid and there was that one spot that brought unlimited joy and excitement to you? Well Knoebels is that place for Amaya. Since October when they closed for the season, this girl has asked on almost a weekly basis, when we could go again.

This never ending winter made my April promises seem bleak with all the rain, sleet, and snow we were getting, but I think we've crossed the other side and my promises are going to come to fruition this upcoming Saturday when they open for the pre summer season.

So I thought it would be fun (plus I use this as a somewhat digital scrapbook) to look back on some of the fun we had in 2017 at our favorite fun, food, and family themed amusement park.

Go ahead and take all my money, because I will never tire of those smiles.

Plus with free parking and admission and the kids rides ranging from $.50 to $1.25, it is pretty nice on mommy's wallet too.

I can't wait to surprise her this weekend and enjoy what she's been longing for all year. We're serious about our amusement business and you can check out our trip from last April here.

*this post is in no way sponsored by Knoebels or their company, we just truly love this place that much and go on our own dime multiple times a year. If they want to throw a couple free tickets our way we wouldn't complain but we'll still be there regardless.  


  1. The digital scrapbook you are creating is truly beautiful ! Love your photos. I am obsessed with amusement parks and rides, I’m sure these two enjoyed themselves !

  2. I wish we had one of those around here they look like they had a blast love these photos too:)

  3. I sure wish we had this place near us. I know she loves it! Your photos are perfection ❤

  4. Love your photography! You captured her smile beautifully. This looks so fun!!

  5. Beautiful pics! And nice that your daughters fave place is so budget friendly too!!