Weekend Adventures

The weekdays for Amaya and I are pretty tame since I work ten hour days and she is at daycare/ preschool for most of that time. We stick to a pretty strict schedule after work since there are baths to be taken, food to be made and eaten, stories to be told, and prayers to be shared.

So when it's our weekends together, we try to get out on adventures and really soak up the time we have. The weather has been pretty uncooperative with all the rain we have been receiving but we had a couple good days this week so we strapped up our sandals and headed out to the horizon.

Friday | Heisler's Dairy Bar 

Friday (or Thursday, I can't remember now) we decided to head out to the country to enjoy some dinner and desserts at the Dairy Bar. We indulged in chicken fingers, cheeseburgers, fried pierogies, french fries and capped them off with pretzels and milkshakes for dessert. 

We arrived there right in time to avoid the crowds but to still enjoy our dinner in the sunshine and warmth. It was the perfect night to indulge in dinner outside and have some fun amongst the cows.

Saturday | Locust Lake State Park

Yesterday Amaya and I cleaned up the house in the morning, napped, and then decided to seize the early evening and head to the lake for some ice cream and some playground shenanigans. 

The simplest trip was so special to her. We shared a cotton candy ice cream cone, walked hand in hand to the playground where she climbed allllllll the things, and then headed to the 'beach' so she could play in the sand and tip her toes in the water. 

It successfully simple and just the way we needed to end our day.

Sunday | Nanny's Birthday!!!

Today is Nanny's birthday and we have a little celebration planned for the special lady in our life. 

How is everyone's weekend going?
Any special plans or events going on?


  1. I loved this weekend adventures post! Her kiwi dress is adorable! Hope her nanny has a wonderful birthday!
    Have a great weekend ladies !

    1. Thanks love, we actually scored that at a yard sale.

  2. It's so rewarding to see small things make a child's day. Looks like you all had a lot of fun!

    1. She had a blast. It's nice at this age where the simplest things bring them the most joy.

  3. Can you just adopt me cause this looks like so much fun haha