Ice Cream Date

It's been too long since I've gave this space any of my time or energy but lets be realistic and state that sometimes life gets in the way. 

Life has been hectic, stressful, and all consuming and this little space of mine had to take the backseat until I had things a little bit more figured out. 

With that being said, I want to slowly but surely start making my way back here and we'll start off easy with a little ice cream date my sister and I had with the kiddos at the lake. 

In an effort to combat the crazies and energy these kids exhaust during these hot summer days, my sister and I decided to take the gang to the lake. We walked around the whole lake with a stop at the playground to burn off some energy and then at the snack shack to grab an ice cream to cool off. 

This is one of our (Amaya and I) favorite spots to go and it makes it much sweeter when it's ice cream season and we can get our favorite treat. 

Each of the kids picked either the traditional chocolate or vanilla, but I believe I've converted Amaya into the chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream lovers club. 

Oh, that's not a real club?
Well it is now. 

Here's to the first but definitely not last summer time ice cream date and hopefully more consistent blog posts from our Little Home. 

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