Tip Toe Tuesday

And a time that feels right to dip my toe back in the blogging pool for a slow return back to my beloved blog that I've let sit neglected for far too long (yet again...)

I can give you the spiel of how life got in the way and things have been so hectic (which they were) but it's really on me that I let this fall to the wayside again.

I miss writing.
I miss getting my thoughts out of my head.
I miss this part of me.

For almost ten years, blogging was a huge part of my life and outlet for me to document our lives but also to share some of the messy parts that were easier for me to type out then speak into the world.

And I want to get back to that.

- I want to document the adventures of Amaya and I because they're some of my most treasured memories.
- I want to invest more into my photography not only as a hobby, but expanding my knowledge and hopefully building my own business one day.
- I want to share our travels because it one of best ways to escape reality and indulge.
- I want to talk about my divorce and coparenting and the messy moments of our lives that most of us try to tuck away and keep off of our highlight reel.
- I want to shout it out when I think I am rocking shit but also when I feel like the world is crumbling around me.
- I want to be here. Period.

For a long time, I felt ashamed of my love for my blog and the connections it let me foster but if I've learned anything over the last couple years...'other people's opinions of you are none of your business'.

...whether I'm the only one reading this or a handful of people show up...
...whether I write twice a week or twice a month...
...whether anyone finds it, reads it, and encounters me in real life...

I'm going to show up and show myself here and let my fingers and photos do the talking for me.

I'm glad to be back.
Now I'm going to go enjoy the rest of my Tuesday  and personal day with the help of cinnamon buns and semi-clean rooms.


  1. Yay! I’m so glad to hear you’re writing again! It can be really hard to start again after it’s been a while. I’m having trouble with my own blog because it’s been so long but man, do I miss writing! That’s why I’m extra happy for you. You are such a talented writer AND photographer and I don’t think many people can say that. So glad we’ve connected! I can’t wait to read more from you. <3 Meghan | Electric Mommy

  2. Glad you are back! Always kept up with you years ago, and can't believe it's also been just as long since I stopped writing my own blog! I feel ya girl - I miss that writing too sometimes and excited you are back at it. <3 Heather